Thursday, 17 September 2009

Less than Three Review

lessthanthree skin review

*Disclaimer* THE ABOVE PHOTO IS PHOTO SHOPPED (the face of the avatar hasn't been touched but a lot of the rest has, however the skin its self has been altered aside from me drawing the ball joints in it. This isn't meant to deceive anyone i just like have a bit of fun with products that i enjoy.

Righto that aside! This is a short skin review on less than threes phoebe skins. The skins are based on Phoebe Cats. I love how smooth the skin is, in fact it reminds me of a doll a lot hence the image. If anyone follows mac collections in RL, the face of this skin reminded me a lot of the promo photos from that.

These skins are a fun addition for anyone who enjoys bright fun makeups and isn't afraid of something slightly whimsical.

lessthanthree skin review

I look forward to taking more photos using these skins at a later date!


Hair: Dejavu, Sista in ashe
Bra: Church of Lux, Black Lacy Lingerie
Knickers: Blowpop, Yvette sheer lace boy-shorts in pink
Pumps: Armidi Gisaci, Dalia pump in Cerise


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Aww cute dolly!

She's done a fab job on these skins, I really love the lips shape and funky eyemakeups.

A couple of previews were sent to the Less<3 group yesterday, I'm addicted to them.

Nykki Heartsdale said...

I love the post! You make them look so good. Thank you so much, Marni! <3