Monday, 14 September 2009

iSpy Challenge round up!

Hello All!

I thought it was time to round up all the people that completed my blog challenge! Officially you all make better spys that me :)

Names and blog links next to the pictures! (and if i miss anyone come yell at me in IM)

Drum Roll! and in no particular order!

Lo Jacobs

Achariya Rezak

Chic Aeon

Abra Exonar

Vanity Esparza

Teagan Blackthorne

Shane Kirshner

Katey Coppola

Owly Indigo

Im SUPER sorry if i missed anyone, please IM me with a link and ill fix it!

(also sorry for the long post)



Dahlia Joubert said...

Aww, didn't make it on time, damn rl! :D

Any more challenges coming soon?

Marni Grut said...

maybe this one seemed to go so ell, i might do prizes next time too!