Saturday, 12 September 2009

Black as my Heart

Ok, i promise for the next post i will leave my skybox and stop being such a hermit!

I also have a mini confession, the makeup in the close up picture is photoshopped on, but the full length pictures isn't retouched. I know its a bit naughty but it looks so cool with black lips! (hint hint hint)

Originally i had planned this bright cheery look masses of colour and bam, I'm in black. I guess it makes sense, I'm colour co-ordinating to my heart.

Black as my Heart Face

Im completely obsessed with should pads atm in SL and RL Im hoping this fall season a lot more designer will come out with bigger and weirder shoulder shapes. They make the avatar look so unbalanced i love it.

Black as my Heart FULL

I am aware of the issues with the comments on this blog, its only a problem if your using firefox (which lets face it everyone does). If you want to send me a message in world with any question feel free (Marni Grut) and i hope to have the comments fixed soon!

Also ill be posting the results of who entered the iSpy challenge (my outfit got totally blown away, sad fail times)



Hair: Exile, Susan in arctic
Skin: LeLutka (COMING SOON)

Hat (Really modded) :The Hat Shop, Bowler in Grey
Ring: Paper Couture, Black Pearl Ring (old OLD)
Top/Jacket: RunoRuno, Zipper Jacket in Black
Skirt: SugerCube, Not Square dress in ink Cake
Shoes:The Abyss, The Catalyst in Black