Thursday, 15 April 2010

Summer 2010


Saturday, 6 February 2010

You Cant Survive on Ice-cream

Heya, its been a while and then some. I'm not sure if ill keep this up or anything i was just in the mood to take pretty pictures today and dress up. So below are the results, I'm waiting intently for spring to creepy though which i think is reflected in this outfits palette.

You Cant Survive on Ice-cream Full

You Cant Survive on Ice-cream Close Ups

(Click Images for Larger rezz)

<3 Marni

Eyes: Glanz
Skin: Vive 9 Cailyn in Pale York - Thick Brows
Hair: Truth , Nikhita 2 - Ivory
Lashes: OH , Girls Secret

Jacket: LeLutka, Prison in Nude
Top: LeLutka, Sadah Dress in Medium Orchid
Skirt: Paper Couture, Black Floral Suit Gown (prim re-sized)
Tights: Betty Page, Cotton Border Tights
Shoes: LMK, Zipped Suede Low Boots in Hot Pink
Belt: Paper Couture, Something to Say Belt

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back to my Bare Bones: Blog Challenge 2

Im opening another blog challenge! The theme this time is to use accessories in an unusual way. e.g in this post I'm wearing a rib cadge :)

Main Image

I got inspired by the last collection by Katie Eary (Rl designer not SL) Her works really something special so if your into slightly out there menswear i suggest googling her.

The outfit its self would be very dull without there accessories, i love how they can make or break an outfit. (oh god that sounded pretentious. Ok for anyone that thinks i now sound like a knob lets pretend i said " Add sparkly things for visual yumminess")

This rib cadge is great, its off a halloween outfit which i love, I'm looking forward to getting some crazy pieces from costumes for halloween. I should mention the skin, its from the curios at the skin fair which i went a bit mad at. I wont be doing a post simply because i think everyones seen everything by now.

Full Leangth

So for the blog challenge: Create a look thats using accessories in a "different way" I know i haven't been hugely inventive (so i might do another outfit) I also fixed the comment so can people shove links in the comments :)

<3 Marni

Skin: Curio,Petal Loverly- Fuchsia 1
Hair:Lamb, Unbirthday Granny
Lashes: Arsnova, White Extra Long

Tank: Dollita, Couture Skull Tank
Top with shoulder pads(Worn under): Church of Lux, Jenna dress
Trousers: Kyoot,Nonsensical Pants

The Rib Cadge: Grim Bros, Bone Dress

Gloves: Fleur/5th and Oxford, Long Violet
Shoes: Maitreya Gold, Salience Midnight
Bag: Glow Studio, Vintage Clutch

Friday, 18 September 2009

Running through the city

City Slicking

I just another outfit blog. Im trying to think up a good blog challenge so i might add one up later tonight :P iv got a good one but the images will need a fair bit of work! I think the Eugene sims build i really underrated, when on the hunt for the a good city build a friend reminded me off it. I really love that sim so i couldn't resist building an outfit round it, clean but a tad quirky round the edges.

Headshot City


Hair: PR!TTY, Runway Model Hair
Skin: LeLutka (unreleased)

Blazer: &bean, Map! (iv got the short version on)
Bra: Blowpop, Yvette bra in black 1/2 cup
Skirt: Thimbles, Shark Fin skirt, in black as the briny deep
Socks: Corduroys, Knee highs in black
Pumps: Armidi, Dahlia Pumps (i know two days in a row BAD)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Less than Three Review

lessthanthree skin review

*Disclaimer* THE ABOVE PHOTO IS PHOTO SHOPPED (the face of the avatar hasn't been touched but a lot of the rest has, however the skin its self has been altered aside from me drawing the ball joints in it. This isn't meant to deceive anyone i just like have a bit of fun with products that i enjoy.

Righto that aside! This is a short skin review on less than threes phoebe skins. The skins are based on Phoebe Cats. I love how smooth the skin is, in fact it reminds me of a doll a lot hence the image. If anyone follows mac collections in RL, the face of this skin reminded me a lot of the promo photos from that.

These skins are a fun addition for anyone who enjoys bright fun makeups and isn't afraid of something slightly whimsical.

lessthanthree skin review

I look forward to taking more photos using these skins at a later date!


Hair: Dejavu, Sista in ashe
Bra: Church of Lux, Black Lacy Lingerie
Knickers: Blowpop, Yvette sheer lace boy-shorts in pink
Pumps: Armidi Gisaci, Dalia pump in Cerise

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I'm with the band


Im with the band bone.

This bunny ears bow just had to be worn two days in a row :P

Fairly simple look, iv fallen in love with anything with garters on recently so this is just in keeping with that obsession. The short reminded me of those vintage band shirt, hence the post name. As ever the first image has been photoshopped and the full length ones are from in-world. Not too much to say on this one!

Im With the badn Full bone.

<3 Marni


Hair: Truth, Nikhita in Ivory
Skin: KA, Charlize2,

Ear Bow: Church of Lux, Haute Bunny in black

Skirt: Ameris Naughty, Yummy Skirt in hotpink (older item)
Socks: GiGi Courture, Black Slit Tights (freebie!)
Jacket: Muism, Yeti Jacket in Beige
T-Shirt with Garters: Bijou, Focus in Fire Play
Boots: The Abyss, The Catalyst in black

Monday, 14 September 2009

KA Skins a short review!



I've been hearing a lot about this brand and being that i live in my little SL bubble i was new to there products (yes stop giggling i don't keep up with fashion news as much as i should...) KA designs has a wide variety of faces to choose from and after testing a few i settled for Chaliz. I'd personally say this is a very wearable skins for anyone who's pale. They have such a wide range of faces and tones that its worth checking out even if you don't think this on would be to your taste. I tryed it on a few of my shapes and it seem to go on all of of them also the brows are fairly easy to match to most hair colours (which is and issue i have a lot with skins). So to justify buying yet another fatpack of skins i decided id have to blog about them giving them a purpose other than to look pretty.

The makeups were what really impressed me. While not the biggest selection i felt that they all have a very unique look to them. The colours really popped without being too in your face, There all very soft looking so you can wear the bolder colours without getting the "in drag" effect.

No excuse my lazy editing on these pics, i couldn't sleep (as ever) and 5am blogging doesn't go hand in hand with photoshop mad skilz.

I thought i should add in a bit of an outfit to the skins as well, i picked the rabbit bow head piece for a starting point. I like this SL rendition of the Louis Vuitton inspired piece from Church of Lux, I'm hoping there might be more pastel shade release (hint, hint hint)

It also felt like a good chance to used this HUGE pink cup, because lets face it, who does want to sit on a giant cup. I think for future blogs i might start trying to build small sets and including more furniture pieces along with the outfits.

KA CLose Up Set One

Skins one through 7 are all of the makeup options for Charlize

KA Skins Set Two

All in All i would say ive found a new love in these skins and look forward to wearing them for more photos and blogs to come! There very reasonably priced and i cant actually think of a negative thing to say on them so two thumbs up :)

<3 Marni


Skins: ALL KA Designs Charliz (Entire fatpack is featured in the makeup options)
Hair: Lamb, Unbirthday in granny

Headpeice: Church of Lux (pink and black)
Cardigan:MichaMi, Camerla in Camel
Knickers: Nenashigusa Nest, Version 18 grey
Stockings: Betties, Ebony Stockings
Shoes: Tesla, Vixen

Giant Cup, Bettie Page